Tips to optimize computer performance

It’s very important for you to take care of your computer on regular basis for its better performance. It could be expensive to get hold of an technician for maintenance, especially for personal computers on monthly basis. There are few tips that can be used to improve the performance of a computer.

What makes a computer slow?

unnecessary files and programs that is not needed anymore can make your computer slow. Software that you no longer use can affect the performance of your computer. Viruses, malware and other such malicious files can slow down your system.

How to optimize the performance of a computer?

Well there are several tasks that can be performed to optimize the performance of your computer depending upon its capibility. Its recomended to backup your files before performing these tasks or do it on the supervision of an expert. If you need any support contact us or check our computer repair services.
tips to optimize computer performance

Remove unwanted files

Delete the old media files or save them to external hard disk or cloud storage. The media files occupies a lot of disk space and can result in slow performance of your computer.

Remove unwanted software

Remove the software that you no longer need. There are many software that you don’t need but they come preinstalled in your computer.

Keep computer software and drivers updated

Outdated software and drivers can slow down your computer or laptop. Make sure you keep them updated, this will make your computer or laptop smooth.

Prevent the programs to run automatically on start up

Some programs start up automatically whenever your computer is booted. Remove such programs from startup folder. Removing the files from auto startup can optimize your computer performance.

Remove temporary files or perform a disk clean up

Each time you boot your computer or use any software or application, temporary files are generated. These files occupies unnecessary space in your computer. Using disk cleanup or just removing temporary files can free up these spaces.
Removal of viruses, malware and other malicious files from your computer can result in better and high end performance of your device. Use proper Anti-Virus in your computer. Anti viruses not only provide security but also optimize your computer performance.

Want an expert to optimize your computer performance?

Well we can optimize your computer remotely via our remote support service

Disk Partition

Most computers and laptops have just primary partition, where the operating system is installed as well as files and folders are saved. This could slow your computer. Having logical drives can optimize the speed of your computer to some extent. For example your device will have more then one drive, one for operating system and the other for storing files and so on. There’s another benefit of having logical partition, even if your operating system gets crashed the files and folder that you stored on other drive can be easily copied or the OS can be formatted without deleting your saved files and folders. If you aren’t an expert it’s recommended not to do this by your own, rather consult an expert.

Virtual Memory

Virtual memory will be very helpful for better performance of your computer when it comes to multi tasking. Virtual memory compensate the shortage of physical memory or RAM of your computer. Virtual memory is operating system feature and is designed to work as a combination of RAM and space on your hard drive. Learn more about virtual memory.

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