Things to know before getting your computer fixed

Computer malfunctions can be very frustrating sometimes. When you exactly don’t know what went wrong. There could be several reasons behind uneven functioning and breakdown of your computer.

Computer not booting issues

Possible cases that could prevent your system from booting up

  • Operating System crashed – unsafe booting or unsafe switching off can lead to operating system crash.
  • Overheating issues – lack of cooling can make your computer boot loop.
  • Hard Drive Corrupted– sometimes your hard disk gets corrupted and prevents your computer from booting up.
  • Faulty Ram Issues – Your computers ram could also be culprit, Ram can sometimes be corrupted and cause certain issues.
  • Motherboard damages – Motherboard break down could be tough though it doesn’t get damaged easily.
things to know before getting your computer fixed

What to do if your computer isn’t booting up?

The above cases might have given you a overview of what least could stop your computer from booting up. Try restarting your computer in safe mode or just restarting it. Sometimes this could fix the problem but not for too long. Once if it get turns on makes sure to backup all your important files and call an expert for professional help.

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Basic things to consider before you hand over your computer for repair?

Faulty Ram – It’s better to replace the Faulty RAM.
Motherboard Repair – Repairing a motherboard is a complicated task and thus can be expensive. Consult the expert before taking any decision, weather to get it repaired or replaced.
Corrupted Hard Drives – It’s better to replace the hard drive and get the data backed up from your crash hard drive.
Computer and Laptop Liquid Damages – Repairing a computer damaged with liquid substances could be expensive. If it’s under warranty, contact service center. Computer and laptops damaged with liquid is repairable but our suggestion is to get a new one. The prices could hardly differ weather you buy a new or get it repaired.

Knowing the problems of your computer can save your time and money as well

If you know what is wrong in your computer and know what repair to consider can save a lot of your time and money. Sometimes people carry their computer to repair stores and wait in cue. Lack of basic knowledge can consume a lot of time and can cost much more then what the actual cost could be. If you know that your computer or laptop has minor issues. you can contact TechOS for remote support services. Troubleshooting, Optimizing performances, virus removal can be easily handled via TechOS Remote support staff.


If you aren’t an expert then don’t try to repair your PC by your own depending upon Youtube or any other platforms. Lack of experience could lead your computer to even worse situation. It’s strongly not recommended to open your computer or laptop if you are not an technician.