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Do you need an expert to remove Virus or Spyware from Your Computer? Is your CPU behaving unusually? Do you see strange pop-ups, or is it the AFP virus that is causing you all of the trouble? Is your system restarting again, and again? Do you know that viruses can destroy the complete system, and you may have to lose data? Back-up is the best help to secure your system. But how do you secure your business or home system from viruses? Whatsoever is the virus issue, relax, as we know how to get you the safety patches.


Virus Removal Services

We at TechOS expertise in removal of viruses that cause to be damaging your software and files without your knowledge. Our technicians can deep scan your computers and laptops to detect the viruses, malwares, spywares etc. and remove them right away using advanced virus removal tool and secure your system from further getting attached by these malicious files.


Virus Removal Services

How We Remove Viruses From Your Computers and Laptops

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Virus Scanning & Detection

We deep scan your device to look for Viruses, Malwares, Spywares,  and other such malicious files located in your computers.

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Virus Removal

After detecting Viruses, Malwares, Spywares etc. We remove them right away using advanced tools.

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Further Protection

We provide advanced security to your computer device to stop further malicious attacks.


How it Works

Either Call us at (780) 999-3432 to book an appointment or just schedule an call back and we will reach you back the very same day with complete estimate and repair solution for virus removal from your computer or laptop

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Are You Experiencing Virus Infiltration?

The main and obvious signs are as follows. You will observe, either one or all of your network system is corrupt. These are:

  • Slow and unresponsive system
  • Unidentified programs or applications start showing up
  • Unknown extensions pop-up through emails
  • Antivirus declines any action
  • Windows aren’t booting
  • Numerous Pop-ups and ads show-up
  • Installation of any new program or anti-virus is corrupt
  • Frequent Restarting of Operating systems
  • Computer memory failures
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How to Detect there is a Virus in your computer?

If your computer is malfunctioning and doing unwanted stuff on its own then it is possible that your computer is infected with the virus and the virus removal is needed. If your computer or laptop is running slow and lacking then there might be a virus in your device which is stopping your computer from functioning smoothly. If your computer is getting stuck in the startup or taking longer time than usual to turn on then there might be possibilities that the virus is straight away trying to damage your operating system and if the urgent action is not taken for virus removal from your device then your computer might crash down completely at any point of time and there might be possibilities that you may lose all the important data which are there in it. If your document file or any other editable work file is getting corrupted regularly and you don’t know how. Then let us make it clear that there are certain viruses which are programmed in such a way to harm your important stuff such as office files and documents and other such work data. It is heartbreaking when you open your computer to access those important files when you need them urgently and you find them to be corrupted and of no use. If your computer is getting slower day by day and unwanted files and shortcuts are being created in your computer or laptop or any other removable devices such as the thumb drive that you use in your device, then there is a virus in your computer or laptop because of which these things are happening. You need to act against removing these viruses because they may cause a great damage to your computer if you don’t pay quick attention to it.

Virus Removal Techniques

Our team is highly qualified in eliminating the most forward-looking forms of threats to your systems and network. We deal with removing:

  • Virus
  • Popups
  • Spyware
  • Adware
  • Trojan
  • Keyloggers
  • Rootkits
  • Bootkits
  • Malware
  • Ransom-ware infections

Our anti-threat procedure is trusted by thousands of loyal customers. We don’t let such threats to linger for long.

Are you Experiencing Any of the Above Symptoms?

We understand that how frustrated these situations could be for you. If you feel or suspect that your computer is not acting normal it might be already infected with viruses. Don’t try to repair your computer by yourself it might cause data loss or damage the operating system. Disconnect your computer from the internet and switch it off Call 780 999 3432 TechOS Technicians onsite for these virus removals and further precautions so that you don’t lose your important files further any more.

TechOS Technician onsite offers great service from any computer brand and laptop brand with the best upgraded virus removal tool with the help of highly certified technicians. Whenever you feel that there is a virus infecting your computer or laptop just call us directly at 780 999 3432 or email at We will reach you back and visit you on the same day to remove those viruses from your computer or laptop to stop those viruses from further harming your device. We offer you same day work with a 15 days money back guarantee. No extra traveling charges.

How do our technicians remove viruses from your computer?

Our technicians completely scan your computer or laptop that you use and look for viruses. They point them out where they are exactly located in your device and remove them with the help of full certified and highly upgraded virus removal tool so that these viruses don’t damage your computer or laptop any more.

Know More About Viruses and its causes


To say about spywares, we will say that spywares are not exactly the viruses that damage your computer or laptop directly instead it harm your wealth etc. It transfers your sensitive details such as banking details to the unwanted persons who are located somewhere you don’t know and they might use it for some wrong purpose. These spywares are hidden on your computer and you don’t come to know easily about them. They keep on transferring your important details regularly to the unwanted persons without your knowledge and without your information.

Key Loggers

Key loggers are same as spywares, but it just not transfers some personal information instead it transfers all the things that you typed with your keyboard such as websites, links, chats, username, passwords, bank details and so on to the unwanted person who might use them for some illegal purposes. Actually, these key loggers are used and deployed by the hackers whose motive is to achieve some illegal milestone.

Is Your Computer or Laptop Infected with Viruses

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