Cost Of Computer Repair

Cost for a computer repair can vary depending upon the damage and the repair a computer needs. The average cost for getting a computer fixed ranges from 50$ – 150$ an hour depending upon the company and type of service.

Cost for On-Site Computer Repairs

Well! some of the company offers the same price for both on-site and in-store computer repairs, where as some company applies extra traveling charges. The traveling charges could range upon the distance. The average on-site computer repair can cost you from 75$ – 200$.

Software Repair Costs

Cost for a software repair can range from 50$ – 150$ on an average. sometimes for fixing minor issues the cost could be low, where as for a complete software reset or re-installation the charges could be high.

Cost for Computer Hardware Repair

The cost for a computer hardware repair can range from 100$ – 400$ depending upon the hardware that needs repair. In most cases a hardware is replaced rather then repairing. Getting a hardware repaired can cost you the same as for hardware replacement. The price hardly varies about 10$-30$. It’s always suggested to get the hardware replaced rather then getting it repaired. New hardware comes with additional warranties and coverage where as hardware repairs are not guaranteed.

cost of computer repair

Virus Removal Costs

Virus removal can cost you from 50$ – 150 $ depending upon the viruses and affected software. The price could increase depending upon the ant-virus support you need for your computer.

Cost for Data Recovery

For getting a data recovered the price could range from 50$ – 500$ and more depending upon the data that needs to be discovered. Sometimes a drive is physically damaged which can only be recovered in a data recovery lab with complete precautions which can sometimes cost you 500+ $ on an average.

Cost for remote support services

Cost for remote support service range from 25$ – 100$. For fixing minor issues the price could be as low as 25$ – 50$ . Sometimes the price could be more depending upon the company and the services.

All the price range is based for Computer Repair Service in Edmonton, Ab, Canada and surrounded regions.

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